The Adventure

When I first met my husband, neither of us were looking for a serious relationship. We both just wanted someone to have fun with, no strings attached. It was easy for me to be honest with him because, quite frankly, I didn’t care what he thought of me.  In my eyes he was there to please me. I didn’t have to fake anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Who would have thought this frame of mind would eventually lead to a great sex life?!

During one of our evenings out, we walked passed an adult toy store and decided to go in. We were both lost and a bit overwhelmed. After a significant amount of time, we left with a pair of edible underwear for him to put on (and me to lick off). More importantly, we walked away with a better understanding of one another, as well as a healthy amount of curiosity and anticipation.  As for the edible underwear, it didn’t pan out the way we thought it would. It tasted like dish soap and got stuck to him in the process. He had to scrape it off in the shower.

At some point during the play time we each felt silly and embarrassed but, we didn’t shy away from it. By the end of the night we had fun and lots of laughs (we still laugh about it to this day)! As it turns out, being honest and vulnerable can be fun and exhilarating.

Until next time, Thrill Seekers…

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