The Tongue Ring

Tongue Dinger

After our ridiculous adventure with the edible underwear, we swore to never try fruit roll up underwear again, lol. However, we didn’t let that stop us from trying new things. I remembered seeing a little device that wraps around your tongue and has a vibrating bullet attached. Enter…the vibrating tongue band.

My husband absolutely loves my tongue talents so I figured if he likes me now, how would a little vibration feel?!. Needless to say, this little cute pink toy was going to enhance my fellatio performance. One day, as I was “down” on my husband, I stopped and asked him if he wanted to try the vibrating tongue toy. Of course, he said yes! In concept and fantasy this was a great couples sex toy and we were looking forward to trying it out!

Two days later we were on a date and driving to our local “toy store” and bought the little pink tongue ring. That evening, like any other play evenings, we had a few drinks and discussed how this was going to work and feel. These discussions are fun because they are flirty in nature and often lead to our sexy evenings. This evening was no different. When the time was right, I put the toy on my tongue and proceeded to try it out on him. However, this dang little toy wouldn’t stay on my tongue. As I struggled to keep it on and my husband struggled to keep it up, I continued to try my best to keep this situation sexy. Alas, the toy never really stayed in place and kept slipping off my tongue. I would summarize this whole hilarious event as an overall failure in the couple’s toy experiment.

This situation was wholly frustrating since we both thought this toy had so much potential to be sexy and fun! But I guess physically, this toy is not really designed to stay on a tongue.

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